Sunday, November 21, 2010

36ish weeks?

9 months with braces... I could have had a baby by now haha. Anyways. Went in for my appointment last week. All went well, no more blue teeth yay! He asked what color I wanted and I swear before he even finished the sentence I blurted out clear. He told me they were out of clear power chains and I literally felt my heart free fall to my toes. They did have silver which is pretty much the same as clear. I love the way my teeth are looking. They are so straight now it's insane. I know I have come a long way but really doc... is it necessary to bring out the before pics every appointment? It makes me cringe every time he pulls those out of my file. Talk about bad memories. I swear when I am done with treatment I am going to steal those from my file. Then I am going to have a nice little ceremony in which I burn them (insert evil laugh here). I will take pics... it's just every time I think about it it is dark and braces look weird with flash. Anywhoo... thanks for reading if anyone is still reading that is haha.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hiya Guys

So long time no post, I know. I guess I have been in a little bit of a braces slump. I guess I should tell you why. I went in for my last appointment on the 6th. The whole thing started out bad... I should have known. So I went in at my usual time and went straight in to brush my teeth ( habitual, my appointments are always right after lunch.) and the lady looked at me and asked why I was there. A little dumbfounded, I said I had an appointment. Well after looking in her computer, she could not find me ANYWHERE. They were nice enough to take me anyways because after all, it was my scheduled time. So they tooth off my stuff and blah blah blah same old thing. Next the ortho came in to look at my teeth and decided it was time to out on some power chains (which is awesome because I developed a weird gap). Next he asked what color I wanted. Now I have been doing clear on the top and some sort of color on the bottom, so when he asked what color I told him blue. Moving on, done with my appointment, driving home. I flip down my mirror to take a look at my grill.... BLUE! The whole freaking thing.... blue. Tops, bottoms, everything. To make it worse, I have blue power chains which are much more noticeable even when they are clear. So as if I didn't look like a child before, I definitely look like one now. Thank goodness I only have to go till the second week of November with blue in my mouth. I look like I have smurf teeth. Oh and trust me, I didn't go with baby blue. I went with all out true blue. Everyone says they don't notice but they are lying and I know it. Another bad thing is my birthday is like a week before I get to get my teeth redone. So anyways, I am trying to look on the bright side of things. At least I wont have to worry about staining :(.
My ortho says my teeth are doing amazing. He keeps bringing out my damn before pictures every appointment. It's great that my teeth have changed so much but it's like holy crap I can't believe I walked around with my teeth looking like that for so long. My husband is happy, he says I smile so much more now, not the fake closed mouth smile I used to have, but a real smile. Next we are going to start banding. It will be over 9 months when I go for my appointment in November. I can't believe it has been that long. Is it over yet? Haha. Well that's all for now. If I could grow a pair I would take some pics of my blue teeth for you... we will hold our breath on that.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week ummm... 31?

Yep week 31. I can't believe it has been this long since I got my braces... 7 months. My ortho originally quoted me anywhere from 10-24+ months I would be in braces. I'm hoping it's more on the 10 month side. That would mean I was almost done. Every appointment I go to he keeps telling me how amazing my teeth are doing. I am hoping that he is not just being a tooth slut and saying that to all his clients. In my opinion I think they are looking awesome. I still have not got started on the banding process though which is kind of bumming me out.

I really do plan on posting pictures soon. I haven't because I am having some serious skin issues right now and really don't want to photograph it. I have never had acne in my life and now all the sudden my skin is freaking out. I tried some skin care products that didn't help at all... my skin is a mess. I know this is off topic from braces but I just really wanted to vent about it. Anyways, I got some all natural products that are hopefully helping. Once I get my face under control I promise I will take pictures.

You guys are not going to believe how amazing my teeth look. I go back next month and hopefully we will begin the banding process. Once my jaw is in line it is all down hill from there... I hope haha. As always, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


All went well at my appointment today!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 24... And a half

Hey guys what's up. I have been super busy lately I'm sorry. I just started going back to college and working full time... Plus my husband is kinda like a child so I got that too. Anyways, my teeth have been doing amazing. I went in about a month ago and my Ortho was shocked. He said my movement way great... I hope he doesn't say that to all his clients. He took out my before pictures and holy moly what a difference. I can't even believe I had teeth like that just 5 months ago. He also talked me into color ligs on the bottom. I am rocking the purple this time and I have to say I like it. I am in desperate need of some new pictures. I will try to take some after work today and post. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Appointment cancelled!

So I was suppose to go to the Ortho last week for my adjustment. Wouldn't you know it they call me the morning of my appointment and cancel. Apparently my orthos wife thought that morning would be prime time to go into labor. Don't get me wrong I'm super happy for him but man I was excited for my appointment. Now I have to wait another week and a half for my adjustment. Yeah so that was my venting moment. Yeah so now I get to go in next Monday. I hope we get to start the bands this time. Some of my random crooked teeth have straightened out so that's awesome. Anyways that's all for now... More when there is more to report.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 16...

Well Hello there all who read my blog. I finally took some new pictures yay! It's amazing looking back from week one to now week 16. A lot has happened inside this mouth. I go in for my second adjustment in 10 days. I am hoping to get some stronger wire on my bottom brackets because lordie... I keep having things pop out. I went in a couple times to have them put it back in but what a pain. I realized I could do the same thing with a pair of tweezers in my bathroom mirror. Probably highly illegal in the orthodontics world but oh well. So anyways. All good here. Hope you like the new pics. I got some editing software stuff so maybe I will do a good before and after kind of thing. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 15

Yeah all. So yesterday was the mark of week 15. Teeth are still moving... Not with the speed and intensity as before but still going. I have been having some problems with my wire poping out of the bracket on the back bottom tooth. I've gone in twice to have it put back in. On time I don't know what happened it just popped out... The second time there MAY have been some beef jerky involved. I tried to play it cool when I went to have it out back in... I don't think they bought it though. She said it was all fine that it came out because I still have the thin wire on my bottoms. I go back in a couple weeks for my next adjustment. I am hoping that I get a stronger wire on my bottoms. I'm also really hoping I get to start the bands this time around. My teeth are so straight now I just want my jaw to be aligned now. Anyways I will let you all know how it goes. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 12

Hey all... sorry I haven't posted in a while a lot has been going on. So since last time you heard from me, I went in for my first adjustment. All went well. It was really fast. They took out my spacers and put my molar bands on. You can't even imagine the relief I felt when they pulled those suckers out (well if you've ever had spacers you can imagine haha) then they put a stronger wire on my top and the same weaker strength on my bottom. He said that my top were moving great but there is still one rotated tooth on the bottom so he put the weaker wire back on. So that was that.... then last week my wire popped out of my tubey thing in back on the bottoms. I called my ortho and he told me to come in to have it put back in. Again not a biggie. He said that since I was still in the weak wire on bottom it comes out sometimes if I bite something to hard. What? Me eat something I'm not suppose to... never! (yeah I basically threw that whole rules of what not to eat thing away a long time ago) While I was there he said he would take a look at all my chompers to see how things were moving. He said I looked great and when I go back in next month for my adjustment he will put a stronger wire on the bottom because they are moving so well. Yay me!!! Haha anyway sorry for babbling. I have some pics that I just took today. Promise not to be mia for so long again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Look ma no cavities!

So I went in today for my first braced cleaning. All went well. I have no cavities and the dentist said I am doing an excellent job keeping my teeth clean. I was worried that they would have to take my spacers out and I would have to have them put back in tomorrow morning for a few hours... They did take the out but my dentist put them all back in for me. That saves me a trip to my Ortho tomorrow bright and early. Anyways tomorrow spacers out, molar bands, first adjustment, and starting my bands. Big day... I'm excited!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 9

I am counting down the days until I get my spacers out. I just have this vision of the huge relief I will feel when then come out. I go for my first braced cleaning on Tuesday. My Ortho told me they can take my spacers out for the cleaning but I will have to come in the next morning to have them out back in for a few hours. I am crossing my fingers the hygenist decides not to take them out. I just don't want to put them back in again. They aren't super painful just more of an akward kind of thing. My gums around those teeth have gotten really sore and red. The two on each side in the far back are pushed so far in you can't even see them. I have to take my dental mirror and peek up there to make sure they are still there. Anyways enough blabbing... I'm out for now. Busy teeth week coming so post more later.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So yesterday I got my spacers in and let me just say... Oooowie! Yeah they are so uncomfortable. The whole procedure took less than 2 minutes. At first it just feels like you just ate and have a butt ton of food stuck in your back teeth. Now they are just sore and eating anthing to solid is out of the question. Lucky for me I loaded up on smoothie ingredients. Anyways I only have to have them in for a week. When I get them taken out next Wednesday I get my first adjustment and hopefully my bands. P.S. Sorry for the bad pic I took it with my cell.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Month 2

As promised... Month 2 photos. YAY!

Still here...

Promise I haven't forgot about you... Friday was month 2 yay! I took some pics and for sure I will post them after work today. It really is quite amazing how much movement has happened in just 2 months. I'm sure my orthos assistant is sick of hearing from me... The other day I had a wire poking the crap out of my cheek. I called and she got me in to have it clipped... I work litterally next door to my Ortho office. Then last night, while doing my fabulous flossing routine, I pulled off one of my ligs. I honestly don't know how it happened... Just flossing and there it goes. I tried to put it back on with no luck... Not a chance in hell I was getting that thing back on. So I made another trip next door to my Ortho first thing this morning to have it out back on. I'm getting ready for Wednesday. I'm not super excited about my spacers but I only have to have them for a week. Maybe they won't be as bad as I think... Or maybe they will be worse. I am excited though about next week... Cleaning on Tuesday and spacers out, first adjustment, and hopefully bands next Wednesday. That's all for now. Peace!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out on the town.

So last night was the first ladies night for my braces. I went out to dinner with a couple of my girls... A bbq restaurant was probably not the best choice. Don't get me wrong I've been out with my braces before... But the thought of me having barbecue pulled pork stuck in my braces just freaked me out. I ordered chicken strips and mashed potatoes instead. Usually I go to dinner with my husband and he kindly tells me when there is something stuck in my metal mouth. I just didn't have the balls to ask a table full of girls to check my teeth for me. I also found it a little inappropriate to whip out my personal mirror or run to the restroom with my emergency tooth kit. I felt oddly uncomfortable after dinner sitting around the table catching up. I know I was probably just being silly. I couldn't help but think they were all staring at my mouth. Overall it was a great time but still at the end of the night I ran to my car to check my teeth and make sure that they were laughing at me being funny and not because I had something hideous in my smile all night. All turned out ok once I realized my teeth were still in check.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 7

Week 7 is tomorrow. Yay! Teeth still moving. I feel pressure and pain in different parts of my mouth on different days. I figured my teeth would just stop moving by now considering how fast they started and how much they've moved so far. I'm extremely excited that they are still going. I go in in a couple weeks to get my spacers. I am starting to get a little nervous about it. I just hope I'm not a wimp and find out they aren't that bad. I only have to have them in for a week so that's awesome. When I get them taken out I will get my first adjustment. So freaking excited to get some new ligs. I think they are starting to stain but no one else seems to think they are. I think I'm going to get some colors on the bottoms just to see how I like it. I gotta get something rockin tho. I'm thinking like some sweet dark purple or something. Who knows. But anywhoo... I'm out for now. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 6... WooHoo

So I've made it to week 6 now and everything is going awesome. Lots of movement going on. My top teeth are lining up more and more and so are my bottoms. I Couldn't be happier. I go in in 2 weeks to get my spacers but in. Nervous but kinda excited for that. I just bought a blender so bring it on. I'm ready. My regular dentist called me the other day to remind me it's time for my cleaning so I scheduled and appointment for that. She wanted to do it on the 7th but I told her no way... cleaning and spacers all in one day? Thanks but no thanks. So the next day she had was the 13th. Also not so great... I will still have my spacers in (get those out the 14th along with my first adjustment) So I called my ortho to make sure all of this would be kosher. She said that the dentist can choose to take my spacers out if she wants to get a better clean.... Yay I yelled quietly to myself in my head! Then she told me that if the dentist takes them out I would have to see my ortho the next morning to have them put back in. I think the whole thing is weird considering my appointment to have them taken out is that day but she says that since they would be out for 12+ hours after my cleaning it's important to put them back in, if only for a couple hours. Anyways. So yeah April is a busy month for my teeth... Spacers, check. Cleaning, check. First adjustment, check. New brackets on back top teeth... and bands, check. Sweet. Oh yeah and please excuse my crazy chapped lips in the picture... and my face looks really misshapen in the top pic. Weird.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 5

So yesterday was week 5. I haven't posted in a bit because not a whole lot has changed. I still see movement but it's not to huge. I have been having some random pains going on. One day it's the top left then the next day it's the bottom right teeth. It's not really pain it's more of an annoyance. Atleast I know the are moving around. I am also worried that my ligs might be staining despite my drinking everything through a straw. I think I might go for some colors just on the bottom to start out and see how I like them. Or I might just call the doc and are if I can come I'm between appointments and have my ligs changed. Anyways that's all for now...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tooth pain... Movement?

So it's a couple days into week 4 and I got some pain going on. My top gangley tooth and the ones right on the sides of it are sore as crap. I'm hoping its because the ones on the sides are moving over to make room for the freaky one. I have noticed that it's coming down some. Yay! I really just can't wait to go back in to the Ortho. 30 more days till spacers! Ouch.

Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Month Anniversary

So today has officially been one month with braces. I have to say it hasn't been that bad... I mean after the feeling of getting kicked in the teeth the first couple days. I have noticed movement. My gangley tooth up top is starting to get pulled back in and my bottom teeth have been pulled in as well. I think I have been doing a pretty good job of doing everything my ortho has asked of me. I brush at least 2 times a day... more like 4 because if not I look ridiculous with all the stuff in my teeth. I floss every night... even though it's the absolute most time consuming thing I have ever done in my life (no exaggeration... it really is) I practically keep my spoolie brush in my back pocket for emergencies. I tell my teeth everyday how much I love them and appreciate them moving so well...and again no exaggeration. Positive reinforcement helps, or at least it couldn't hurt. I go in next month for spacer and bands... but if you've been reading my blog you already know that considering I put it in last post. SO yeah... all good here and the braces front. Thanks for reading. Enjoy looking at my mouth haha. You guys are awesome for putting up with me... I don't know how you do it. I even annoy myself sometimes.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silly grill

Hehe. I know I'm random. I'm just really excited Friday will be a month and I've seen changes. Just thought I would post a pic of my sweet grill. I will take some pics this weekend for my update.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 3

Week 3 was Friday and I am feeling great! I took some pictures today (not sure if I'm going to post, don't want you to get sick of my funky mouth just yet) I see some major movement. I think its major anyway. My snaggle tooth is making its way in line with my other teeth and slowly being pulled down. My bottom teeth that were pushed back are moving in line too. I never thought this would be happening so fast. I know I still have a long way to go but seeing movement gives me hope. I'm gettingn used to my new blinged out grill and loving it. Can't wait to get spacers and bands the first week of April! Everyone says it hurts like hell but I'm ready for a new challenge. Bring it on!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bracist People Bug Me

Bracist? Ever heard that one before? I was reading the message boards at, like I do every day, and come across that word. I cracked up. So far for me I haven't been a victim of bracism... but I'm sure it will come. Some people have commented. Most just stare at my mouth when I am talking to them. I will reply with "Oh yeah, I got some new lipgloss. You like it?" I laugh silently to myself. Then I tell them about my braces story and it's all better. Anywho. I try really hard not to be self conscience about my new mouth but I find myself shying away from opening my mouth to wide when I laugh, smile, blah blah blah. I think I am more bracist to myself than anything. I decided to boost my self esteem by getting a new hair style. It worked! I feel good again. All is right in the world. Haha. No but really, it helped. I suggest doing something that helps boost your spirits. I can't wait to see how many hair colors/styles I can go through in this whole thing... blonde, brown, blue perhaps? OK, now I'm just being weird. Tomorrow is week 3. Not sure if I will post new pics but I will definitely keep you guys posted. As always thanks for reading!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Are we there yet?

I'm 17 days in and I'm antzy. I finally saw the slightest glimpse of movement yay! One of my bottom teeth straightened a little and that's exciting. But with that excitement comes anticipation. I still have over a month before my first adjustment! I really just want to go to my Ortho and be like "look! They're moving! Let's move on to the next step." although I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that. Anyways. Nothing really new. My gums have adjusted to my hardwear. My teeth feel kinda loose in some places which is weird but I suppose that means they're moving... They wouldn't get loose to stay in place right? Fingers crossed. Goodbye for now.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 2 Update

So it has been officially 14 days since I got braced. I'm use to them now. I eat just about whatever I want with the exception of caramel... tear. I haven't noticed much of a change, although, today I did have a dull ache for about 4 hours. I'm hoping that means they were moving in that brief period of time. I got a new camera so I can hopefully take better pics. Unfortunately... taking pictures of the inside of your mouth is a lot harder than it looks (ok, i guess it doesn't really look easy haha) It takes skill. Picture this... holding a hand held mirror (bathroom has bad lighting) in my left hand, camera in my right, mouth open, chin down, trying to snap a pic. Not easy. I did my best so I hope you enjoy... well, not enjoy, that would be weird.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Positive reinforcement

So have you ever heard of throwing thoughts out into the universe and getting good back in return? Well I'm thinking if I throw positive vibes out there about tooth movement maybe I can get things progressing. You know like karma. What goes out comes back around. A mind is a powerful thing... I'm like a mental powerhouse! Haha ok so maybe I'm getting a little carried away but it couldn't hurt right? Maybe its to early but I'm already wanting to speed things along. I'm impatient... My goal is to have these things off by my 25 bday (Nov. 2011) that will be 21 months and my Ortho said 18 to 24 months. Not a bad goal right? Anyways I'm rambling now so... Peace out. Oh yeah, I'm getting my new camera tomorrow so I will post some pics!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oral OCD

Sounds funny right, oral OCD? But I'm not kidding I've spent the last 10 days obsessing about my teeth. I'm constantly looking in the mirror for movement, food, wires, any excuse I can fine to look at or talk about my teeth. These braces have completely taken over my life! I feel like a teeth monster. I don't know. I hope this passes because I feel totally crazy and I'm sure the people around me are annoyed already. I'm always asking my husband if he sees any movement... Of course he says he does... Liar! Anywhoo that's my venting moment for the day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So I'm not sure what happened but I was out to dinner last night and noticed a weird wire thing happening. My bottom wire on my back molars instead of being flat is now a c shape. I don't know if its because my teeth are moving or I ate something bad or... I don't know. It hurts to eat on that side now tho. I am going to try to make an appointment with my Ortho tomorrow don't know what there policy on presidents day is. Cross your fingers they are moving!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 1 update

So I've decided against posting a new pic because nothing has really changed. In my mind I am seeing this amazing transformation... But then I take a picture and not so much. The pain is gone except for when I try to use my front teeth to bite something. I have pretty much dealt with the fact that I will be eating most of my food with a fork. The inside of my cheeks have the texture of raw hamburger meat. I keep biting them and I have hook thingys that just hate my cheeks. I have tried puting the wax stuff on there but its just a big pain in my butt. 54 days until I get my spacers out in. I heard they hurt like hell so I'm not to excited but hopefully I will see some progress by then.

Finally noticed

So today is the one week mark and I have to admit that I was shocked when I went to work on Monday and no one noticed my new metal mouth.... Or atleast said anything. Well today one of my members finally said something.maybe its not as bad as I thought. So anyways, they were all good comments. He was mostly inquisitive. He asked about the treatment plan, time, blah blah. He also asked if it was a hard desision to make which it was. All in all it was a good conversation... Nice guy. Didn't make fun of me once. Anyways I will post week one pics when I get home... At work now oops!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tedious teeth cleaning routine

So before I used to head to bed I would brush my teeth, occasionally floss, and head to sleep. Now... Not so much. Braces make things a lot more difficult. This is my routine.
1. Rinse with water to get food particles out. Trust me they're in there.
2. Take my little spooly brush thing (don't know what it is really) and go under my wires to clean out more particles.
3. Brush (sonicare all the way)
4. Floss... Holy cow now this is the chore that takes forever. I use threader floss and go under every wire to floss between every tooth! Doesn't seem that hard but it takes me a good 15 to 20 minutes.
5. After all that, yawn.
6. I rinse one more time apply some chapstick and go to bed.

1st day braced pic!

So this is me on my first day fully braced. Its weird tho because I feel like I can smile more now looking silly in braces than I could before with bad teeth. I guess its just me knowing that it will all be fixed. Its only day 4 now but I swear I can feel them moving and getting straigther. Maybe its all in my head but I'm optimistic.

Yikes... pics

OK... So this is kinda embarrassing. I am posting pictures that the dentist took right before he put my braces on. The only person who has seen these is my husband... and now for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to post them on the web. I just keep telling myself that these are befores. You can't really appreciate the end result until you know what you started with soooo here goes nothing. I have a very deep overbite which is bad. and my jaw goes off to the right which is also bad. plus I'm sure you can all see the weird tooth coming from way up top out of nowhere. That's my teeth in a nutshell. Still kinda shocked that I am actually posting these so more later.

(top: lower)
(Middle: uppers)
(bottom: obviously front view)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The back story

So to start off I would like to let everyone know that this is my first blog ever. I have never been much into blogs but I figured this would be a good topic to start with. I am 23 years old, married, no kids, and recently braced. I have always been self conscience about my smile and finally decided to do something about it. It all started about 6 months ago. I went in for a regular check up and had a cavity filled and a cleaning. Next was my wisdom teeth. Holy heck was that painful. I had 3 to be removed, one on each top and a lovely impacted one on the bottom left. So after getting those removed, dealing with the crapload of pain that came with that, I made an orthodontist appointment. All fine and dandy right? wrong! Two days before my appointment my impacted wisdom tooth area became abscess. OUCH! So I went in and had that taken care of. I still desperately wanted to go to the ortho appt.... So I did complete with gauze packing in my newly opened wound. After talking about my options I found out I was not a candidate for invisalign. So I went with the next best to clear.... ceramic. Two weeks later I am sitting in the chair getting the brackets put on. It has now been 2 and a half days since braced and I have to say it's weird. Leaving the ortho office I felt like I had a big spiny alien in my mouth. I am starting to get used to it though. The pain has been tolerable. I have been taking advil every 4 hours religiously or else it feels like I got kicked in the teeth. Eating is crazy. I got what I like to call lift kits on my back teeth so I don't bite my bottom brackets off. They make chewing very difficult. All in all I am happy with my decision. I hope my teeth start to move very fast... I am extremely impatient. I will post again with before pics and tell a little more about the treatment plan yada yada.