Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bracist People Bug Me

Bracist? Ever heard that one before? I was reading the message boards at, like I do every day, and come across that word. I cracked up. So far for me I haven't been a victim of bracism... but I'm sure it will come. Some people have commented. Most just stare at my mouth when I am talking to them. I will reply with "Oh yeah, I got some new lipgloss. You like it?" I laugh silently to myself. Then I tell them about my braces story and it's all better. Anywho. I try really hard not to be self conscience about my new mouth but I find myself shying away from opening my mouth to wide when I laugh, smile, blah blah blah. I think I am more bracist to myself than anything. I decided to boost my self esteem by getting a new hair style. It worked! I feel good again. All is right in the world. Haha. No but really, it helped. I suggest doing something that helps boost your spirits. I can't wait to see how many hair colors/styles I can go through in this whole thing... blonde, brown, blue perhaps? OK, now I'm just being weird. Tomorrow is week 3. Not sure if I will post new pics but I will definitely keep you guys posted. As always thanks for reading!