Monday, February 15, 2010

Oral OCD

Sounds funny right, oral OCD? But I'm not kidding I've spent the last 10 days obsessing about my teeth. I'm constantly looking in the mirror for movement, food, wires, any excuse I can fine to look at or talk about my teeth. These braces have completely taken over my life! I feel like a teeth monster. I don't know. I hope this passes because I feel totally crazy and I'm sure the people around me are annoyed already. I'm always asking my husband if he sees any movement... Of course he says he does... Liar! Anywhoo that's my venting moment for the day.


Joel said...

I'm just shy of 4 weeks and I've seen some decent movement on one of my front teeth. The wire was at a crazy angle as it went to the surrounding teeth, but it has since "gotten inline" with the rest of them.

Being obsessed isn't that weird. We're putting a large amount of money in our mouthes and want to know that a. its working, and b. it going to be worth the investment. and i'm with you on the food thing, don't want to be that person.

Jamie said...

haha thanks for sharing my pain. I actually have seen some movement in one of my bottom teeth. I am getting a new camera on thursday so I will post pic... even tho I'm sure it's more of a dramatic change in my eyes than enyone elses.