Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tedious teeth cleaning routine

So before I used to head to bed I would brush my teeth, occasionally floss, and head to sleep. Now... Not so much. Braces make things a lot more difficult. This is my routine.
1. Rinse with water to get food particles out. Trust me they're in there.
2. Take my little spooly brush thing (don't know what it is really) and go under my wires to clean out more particles.
3. Brush (sonicare all the way)
4. Floss... Holy cow now this is the chore that takes forever. I use threader floss and go under every wire to floss between every tooth! Doesn't seem that hard but it takes me a good 15 to 20 minutes.
5. After all that, yawn.
6. I rinse one more time apply some chapstick and go to bed.


richard-cgd said...

Hey Jamie,

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JDC said...

Hi, Jamie! I'm 22 and I got braced last December, first on top then bottom. I live in Europe (I'm portuguese) and I also have a blog.
Probably you won't understand my language, but you can see my evolution in pictures...
In a short story, I have a preety small mouth and jaws so I had to remove 8 teeth, wisdom and pre-molars.