Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 2 Update

So it has been officially 14 days since I got braced. I'm use to them now. I eat just about whatever I want with the exception of caramel... tear. I haven't noticed much of a change, although, today I did have a dull ache for about 4 hours. I'm hoping that means they were moving in that brief period of time. I got a new camera so I can hopefully take better pics. Unfortunately... taking pictures of the inside of your mouth is a lot harder than it looks (ok, i guess it doesn't really look easy haha) It takes skill. Picture this... holding a hand held mirror (bathroom has bad lighting) in my left hand, camera in my right, mouth open, chin down, trying to snap a pic. Not easy. I did my best so I hope you enjoy... well, not enjoy, that would be weird.


Joel said...

wow the ceramic brackets really do "blend in." i haven't tried taking pictures yet, but i guess i should.

Jamie said...

yeah... no easy task. I love my ceramics people have hardly even noticed I have them.

Tovin said...

Just ran across your blog from the archedwired forums and just wanted to thank you!

I'm nervous as hell about getting my braces done in a few months and I wish you the best of luck and a LOT of awesome blogging so you'll make me feel more secure! :)

Thanks very much for sharing your story!!