Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 6... WooHoo

So I've made it to week 6 now and everything is going awesome. Lots of movement going on. My top teeth are lining up more and more and so are my bottoms. I Couldn't be happier. I go in in 2 weeks to get my spacers but in. Nervous but kinda excited for that. I just bought a blender so bring it on. I'm ready. My regular dentist called me the other day to remind me it's time for my cleaning so I scheduled and appointment for that. She wanted to do it on the 7th but I told her no way... cleaning and spacers all in one day? Thanks but no thanks. So the next day she had was the 13th. Also not so great... I will still have my spacers in (get those out the 14th along with my first adjustment) So I called my ortho to make sure all of this would be kosher. She said that the dentist can choose to take my spacers out if she wants to get a better clean.... Yay I yelled quietly to myself in my head! Then she told me that if the dentist takes them out I would have to see my ortho the next morning to have them put back in. I think the whole thing is weird considering my appointment to have them taken out is that day but she says that since they would be out for 12+ hours after my cleaning it's important to put them back in, if only for a couple hours. Anyways. So yeah April is a busy month for my teeth... Spacers, check. Cleaning, check. First adjustment, check. New brackets on back top teeth... and bands, check. Sweet. Oh yeah and please excuse my crazy chapped lips in the picture... and my face looks really misshapen in the top pic. Weird.