Thursday, April 8, 2010


So yesterday I got my spacers in and let me just say... Oooowie! Yeah they are so uncomfortable. The whole procedure took less than 2 minutes. At first it just feels like you just ate and have a butt ton of food stuck in your back teeth. Now they are just sore and eating anthing to solid is out of the question. Lucky for me I loaded up on smoothie ingredients. Anyways I only have to have them in for a week. When I get them taken out next Wednesday I get my first adjustment and hopefully my bands. P.S. Sorry for the bad pic I took it with my cell.


JDC said...

Oh, that hurts a LOT!
During my days with those blue spacers, I could only eat soup, smashed fruit and baby food... It doesn't gets better until you take them off, but it's only a few days, you'll make it =)
Kisses from Portugal