Monday, April 5, 2010

Still here...

Promise I haven't forgot about you... Friday was month 2 yay! I took some pics and for sure I will post them after work today. It really is quite amazing how much movement has happened in just 2 months. I'm sure my orthos assistant is sick of hearing from me... The other day I had a wire poking the crap out of my cheek. I called and she got me in to have it clipped... I work litterally next door to my Ortho office. Then last night, while doing my fabulous flossing routine, I pulled off one of my ligs. I honestly don't know how it happened... Just flossing and there it goes. I tried to put it back on with no luck... Not a chance in hell I was getting that thing back on. So I made another trip next door to my Ortho first thing this morning to have it out back on. I'm getting ready for Wednesday. I'm not super excited about my spacers but I only have to have them for a week. Maybe they won't be as bad as I think... Or maybe they will be worse. I am excited though about next week... Cleaning on Tuesday and spacers out, first adjustment, and hopefully bands next Wednesday. That's all for now. Peace!