Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 12

Hey all... sorry I haven't posted in a while a lot has been going on. So since last time you heard from me, I went in for my first adjustment. All went well. It was really fast. They took out my spacers and put my molar bands on. You can't even imagine the relief I felt when they pulled those suckers out (well if you've ever had spacers you can imagine haha) then they put a stronger wire on my top and the same weaker strength on my bottom. He said that my top were moving great but there is still one rotated tooth on the bottom so he put the weaker wire back on. So that was that.... then last week my wire popped out of my tubey thing in back on the bottoms. I called my ortho and he told me to come in to have it put back in. Again not a biggie. He said that since I was still in the weak wire on bottom it comes out sometimes if I bite something to hard. What? Me eat something I'm not suppose to... never! (yeah I basically threw that whole rules of what not to eat thing away a long time ago) While I was there he said he would take a look at all my chompers to see how things were moving. He said I looked great and when I go back in next month for my adjustment he will put a stronger wire on the bottom because they are moving so well. Yay me!!! Haha anyway sorry for babbling. I have some pics that I just took today. Promise not to be mia for so long again.