Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hiya Guys

So long time no post, I know. I guess I have been in a little bit of a braces slump. I guess I should tell you why. I went in for my last appointment on the 6th. The whole thing started out bad... I should have known. So I went in at my usual time and went straight in to brush my teeth ( habitual, my appointments are always right after lunch.) and the lady looked at me and asked why I was there. A little dumbfounded, I said I had an appointment. Well after looking in her computer, she could not find me ANYWHERE. They were nice enough to take me anyways because after all, it was my scheduled time. So they tooth off my stuff and blah blah blah same old thing. Next the ortho came in to look at my teeth and decided it was time to out on some power chains (which is awesome because I developed a weird gap). Next he asked what color I wanted. Now I have been doing clear on the top and some sort of color on the bottom, so when he asked what color I told him blue. Moving on, done with my appointment, driving home. I flip down my mirror to take a look at my grill.... BLUE! The whole freaking thing.... blue. Tops, bottoms, everything. To make it worse, I have blue power chains which are much more noticeable even when they are clear. So as if I didn't look like a child before, I definitely look like one now. Thank goodness I only have to go till the second week of November with blue in my mouth. I look like I have smurf teeth. Oh and trust me, I didn't go with baby blue. I went with all out true blue. Everyone says they don't notice but they are lying and I know it. Another bad thing is my birthday is like a week before I get to get my teeth redone. So anyways, I am trying to look on the bright side of things. At least I wont have to worry about staining :(.
My ortho says my teeth are doing amazing. He keeps bringing out my damn before pictures every appointment. It's great that my teeth have changed so much but it's like holy crap I can't believe I walked around with my teeth looking like that for so long. My husband is happy, he says I smile so much more now, not the fake closed mouth smile I used to have, but a real smile. Next we are going to start banding. It will be over 9 months when I go for my appointment in November. I can't believe it has been that long. Is it over yet? Haha. Well that's all for now. If I could grow a pair I would take some pics of my blue teeth for you... we will hold our breath on that.