Sunday, November 21, 2010

36ish weeks?

9 months with braces... I could have had a baby by now haha. Anyways. Went in for my appointment last week. All went well, no more blue teeth yay! He asked what color I wanted and I swear before he even finished the sentence I blurted out clear. He told me they were out of clear power chains and I literally felt my heart free fall to my toes. They did have silver which is pretty much the same as clear. I love the way my teeth are looking. They are so straight now it's insane. I know I have come a long way but really doc... is it necessary to bring out the before pics every appointment? It makes me cringe every time he pulls those out of my file. Talk about bad memories. I swear when I am done with treatment I am going to steal those from my file. Then I am going to have a nice little ceremony in which I burn them (insert evil laugh here). I will take pics... it's just every time I think about it it is dark and braces look weird with flash. Anywhoo... thanks for reading if anyone is still reading that is haha.