Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stopped counting weeks.... soooo 11 months

So I had my ortho appointment on Wednesday. All went ok. He said I am doing great and my teeth look amazing, which I am almost certain he says to everyone. Think about it, would you really expect your ortho to tell you your teeth look a hot mess? As you can probably tell by the picture (taken with camera phone so it's not the greatest) I got some new hardware. Just when I thought I couldn't fit any more metal in my mouth he decided to put in two inch springs. There are on both sides obviously but it is impossible to take a picture. Anyways there is a spring attached to the top and a rod attached to the bottom. They fit together blah blah. So how does this all feel you ask? Awful just freakin awful. My cheeks once again have the texture of hamburger meat. Plus I have holes where the new hooks have been rubbing. The day after I got them put on I felt like I got hit in the face with a semi truck. I went back in yesterday to get some wax (I have since got rid of mine). My ortho asked me if I was in pain... uhhh yeah. He said good. He actually said good! In a joking way of course but still. He said that means they are doing their job. Yesterday after work my cheeks were so raw from talking all day. The wax does not stick properly due to the wetness of my freakin mouth. So yeah, I went home and stuck cotton balls in my mouth. The relief I felt was amazing. So I guess I should go back and tell you the purpose of these contraptions... I got so caught up in the actual pain haha. They are to fix my jaw. They will pull over my jaw as well as pull it forward. He put these in in place of bands. He said these were much faster (usually only on for 2-3 appointments). The reason they are faster is because they are obviously stronger that measly rubberbands. Also there is no option to take them off. I have to wear them 24/7. So that's were I'm at in my braces journey. Next month will be a whole year. I am so ready to be done.