Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Year 5 days.... First broken bracket.

So last night after I brushed my teeth I realized my bracket was no longer attached to my tooth. I was just sliding along the wire (still attached by lig). I had been noticing that the tooth it used to be attached to had been pushing back, I thought it was just movement. This morning I got to work and called my ortho. I got the answering machine saying they would be out of the office till Monday.... wrong... busted buddy. I work right next door and I saw his truck. He's not getting off that easy. Anyways. I went next door and he popped it back on. He said he wouldn't be surprised if I lost a couple more. He said the reason is because of my springs. The springs are moving my jaw and now my overbite is being corrected, causing my top teeth to touch the bottom brackets. Speaking of springs, while I was there I figured I would tell him how awful I thought they were. The are just awful. He basically agreed with me. It's all for the greater good I guess. Anyways, two more weeks till my nest adjustment. I highly doubt I will be getting the springs taken out but you never know... cross your fingers.