Friday, February 11, 2011

One Year One Week....

So I took a vacation day... Yay me!! I am just in the mood to take pictures and blog today. I feel like my smile is straightening out. Not just my teeth but my lips. See, my smile is seriously crooked. I think now that my jaw is being pulled in the right direction it is really helping. My smile seems like it's getting a lot better. I usually never smile head on because one side of my smile opens more than the other. It just looks really wonky. I am finding that it is getting a little more even. I have always been self conscious about this. Cross your fingers that this is not just a crazy dream haha.

 Holy cow... Looking at these pics I realize how horribly stained my ligs are. YUCK! Two more weeks and I get them changed. Six weeks seems like a long time to go without changing ligs. They just end up looking gross... and no, I am not giving up coffee... never!!