Wednesday, April 6, 2011

14 Months and I'm the happiest girl alive!

Went in today for my adjustment and it was the best adjustment to date. I FINALLY got my springs taken off. I went into the appointment trying not to get my hopes up that the springs would be removed. Nothing would be worse that getting all excited only to find out I had to wear them another 6 weeks. So he looked in my mouth a bit and I finally just blurted it out... can we take the springs out yet? He responded as if it was a no and my heart dropped... Just kidding, he said, we're taking them out. Woot!!! Score!!! Now I just have bands to wear at night. Simple configuration, just from the top canine to the bottom... I don't know... back tooth? I'm pretty happy I only have to wear them at night because it is kinda hard to open my mouth and talk with them in. More good news, I go in for my next visit in 4 weeks. On my next appointment he is going to put brackets on the very back teeth on top. Then we are going to work on pulling my molars down so they actually touch when I bite down. I just have this great feeling that I am getting closer to being debraced. I know it wont be for a while but a girl can dream!