Thursday, June 23, 2011

Way to long...

Last week I had adjustment number... I don't even know... 1 million?
Ok, so I may be exaggerating that one a bit but it feels like it some days. 
So I finally asked the big question.... How much longer?
As everyone knows, I was sentenced to 2 to 2 1/2 years in braces. 
I asked him to give me a rough estimate for getting these bad boys off. 
He said that everything is looking good and I could have them off in January. 
That would be 23 month!! He did say it could be sooner or later but that was his guess. 
I bounce back to work on cloud nine... only 7 more months? Heaven right?
Well apparently I was the only one who thought that was a good time frame. 
Everyone at work was like really, another 7 months? 
I thought 7 more months would be cake... I mean I have already had them for like 17 so whats another 7.
Well bubble burst I guess... thanks co workers. 
Other than that nothing really new happened. I am going to Cali next month to visit family.
I asked if I could come in before I left to get my ligs changed. I don't want to go see family with stains. 
He was awesome he scheduled me for the day before I leave. 
Yay for no stains.... and possible only 7 more months!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

16 months 2 days

Here is a pic i took this weekend... looking pretty good if i do say so myself. I have to say that this 6 weeks has probably been the hardest. I have already had a wire clipped and now i need to go back and have a couple more done... for some reason these wires just really want to cut me. Not only have my teeth been super uncomfortable this time... but everyone seems to be getting their braces off. I know this one guys from work and we have always had this unspoken braces bond. Now he has his off and our bond is broken. Every time i see him now he gives me a little wink... kinda like he's saying hang in there it will happen to you one day. What the H man... also i went out of town last week to see my inlaws and they gave me the look. They even said... really you still have them on... haven't you had them forever? My thoughts exactly man. Oh and just to make me feel even better about myself i go to work on monday to find that my coworkers mother got her braces off. She is 50 and only had hers on for a month before i got mine. What the H man. I guess my hopes of getting them off before my family reunion next month is out of the question. I go in again next friday. I am going to ask him seriously if he has an estimate... just a ballpark figure. I feel like it has been forever. Let me off this ride im done.